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Heritage Bible College


* Thinking about training for pastoral or preaching ministry.
* Responsible for a department in your church.
* You just want to invest into your life and increase your understanding of spiritual matters.

If your answer is yes! Then I hope that you will be able to join us during the next session by filing your application with the Administrator

At Heritage Christian Centre, we have a dual objective of raising men and women for the end-time ministry and to empower people from every walk of life to become the best in all that God has called them to be walking in faith and advancing into their God-given destiny

Our full course lasts 2 years for Diploma and one year for the certificate course for those who are unable to continue to finish the course.I trust that you will know the Lord’s blessing and wisdom as you seek his guidance in considering pastoral training.

More Information

Heritage Christian Centre was established in 2003 under the vision and leadership of Pastor Joseph Adeyemo for the purpose of training men and women for purpose of the ministry. Since its inception, a large number of men and have completed their course of choice and are now serving the Lord in various positions in different ministries. We welcome students from all denominations in United Kingdom

Orientation & Registration

All new, first-time and re-entering students are expected to attend orientation. Orientation acquaints students with administration, faculty, staff, facilities, services, policies and procedures for registration. Orientation will take place on the first day of registration for each semester. The academic Dean (Administrator) will announce the specific times and location for all orientation activities.

How to Register
During the Orientation and Registration all students will register for classes and new/returning students will attend orientation sessions. Students should register on the days designated for registration according to the Heritage Christian College calendar. They should take the following steps:

  1. Complete admissions and registration processes
  2. Pay school fees or deposit.
  3. Meet with an academic advisor for counselling.
  4. Be acquainted with the building health and safety rules and know where the toilets are
  5. Question and answer session about the course and college

Students who apply for admission late (less than one month prior to registration) and have not received admission letters should come on Saturday at 10.00am to see the College Administrator.

Registration Periods
The periods of registration are pre-registration, regular registration, and late registration.

  • Pre-registration is designed for currently enrolled students and students who have been admitted to the Bible College. Pre-registration will be held no later than six (6) weeks prior to the end of every semester. During pre-registration, students will meet with an academic counsellor and discuss his /her academic progress.
  • Early registration is usually held prior to the term where course offerings have been announced.
  • Regular registration is the scheduled time immediately prior to the start of classes in a semester or term. At regular registration, tuition, and fees are due at the time the student enrols in courses.
  • Late registration runs for two weeks after the scheduled start of registration. Students incur an additional fee for registering late.

It is recommended that the student register as early as possible. If extenuating circumstances warrant the registration of a student after the last day of the late registration period, approval of the Dean of Students is required.

 Cancellation of Courses
Heritage Christian College reserves the right to cancel a course if the number of students registered for the course is insufficient to warrant the course offering, no qualified faculty is available, and/or appropriate facilities are unavailable. In some instances, independent study courses may be designed to provide class hours for classes that have been cancelled.

Name, Address, and/or Telephone Number
Heritage Christian College regards a student’s name, mailing address, telephone number, major and/or program and classification as directory information.

The student must inform the College of any change in his/her legal name, mailing address, or telephone number while enrolled. A copy of legal records should be submitted to verify a name change.


We depend on students’ fees for operating costs. We therefore lay strong emphasis upon financial responsibility by students, viewing prompt payment of fees as evidence of good stewardship.

  1. Tuition fee payments are due separately from the initial non-refundable Application Fee of £10.00
  2. Students who pay their full annual fees in advance get a 10% discount, and therefore need only pay 90% of the full fees, as stated.
  3. Students who cannot pay their full annual fees in advance will be allowed to make three payments during the first two terms in instalments as follows: 1st payment by 30 September 2nd payment by 1st December and final payment by 31 February. The third option is monthly standing order payments, to college bank account (see the administrator if you want this option)
  4. Payment of school fees is a condition for graduating, therefore students will not be allowed graduate without completing school fees
  5. Students must notify the college if they are going to be absent from lecture. Every student must score a total of 75% attendance before they can graduate, irrespective of examination performances.
  6. Exclusions: Application fees, graduation gown fees and book costs are not normally included in the college tuition fees.



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